About the book: The world was like a good book (a backpackers novel)

The world was like a good book
(a backpackers novel)

”I didn’t explore the world to find my self – I did it for the sake of creating something – with turned out to be my self” – Franz Junor Andersson

Franz is a young man from the Finnish Aland Islands. He trades the island, where life seems monotonous and predictable, for the great adventure; a journey which extends over large parts of Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America. This novel follows his journey that involves many meetings, many drinks, many early mornings and many different environments. This is the story of a young man who breaks free from his iron rings, and who turns his dreams into reality; to live and experience everything before committing to the everyday life back home. Franz is not an ordinary backpacker, but a guy whose goal is to write down the strongest experiences so that the readers themselves experience the smells, sounds and tastes that he experiences. The story meanders through the poor rural areas, roaring cities, soiled bars and sunny beaches. It is a journey that takes the reader on a dizzying journey through many different countries and cultures.

About the author

Rikard Andersson is a debuting author from Aland Island, Finland. His first novel, ‘The world was like a good book’, which he wrote during his two round-trips, will be published February, 2017 in the Swedish language.

Rikard has been a so-called ‘backpacker’ ever since 2011. Soon after, he started writing, too. Being a backpacker and an author is a rather rare combination, which certainly contributed to his original, exploring and creative style of writing.

Before he began exploring the world, Rikard was a football coach. Eventually, he chose to pursue a writing career. It took him four years to write his ”backpacker” novel.

Now that Rikard has finished writing his first novel, he will continue to write while also exploring the world. He will set off for another journey and he has already started his next writing project.


If you would like to get in touch with Rikard Andersson, you can send an email to interestedintheworld@outlook.com

Skype-number +46184908530

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorrikardandersson/

Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/backpackerace/

Twitter; https://twitter.com/BackpackerAce

For now, the book is only being published in the Swedish language. The author is currently searching for a publisher who is willing to translate and publish the book to English – which has always been the author’s intention. It may, however, take some time.

If you are interested in obtaining an English copy whenever it’s available, please send an email (no message required) with ‘interested’ as the subject, to interestedintheworld@outlook.com. The author will get back to you as soon as the translation is published. If you like to suport BTC: 12PAj8tydd8PFLXSBP3jpXg5k5bLReQEx7